Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally an Update

So I know its been like 3 months since I posted anything, but life has been really busy lately. I have fortunately had alot of work, and unfortunately had little access to internet.

On the good news side, I found out I now have 50 channels on my cable tv in my house, which means that I was able to watch both national and american league championship series, and now I'm able to watch the world series games.

A crazy story, I just hosted a couple of PCV's from El Salvador who were passing through Huehue and needed a couch to surf. They were really awesome and we had a good time. A few minutes after meeting, we started sharing about where we had been, gone to school, etc. I came to find out that I had actually been at a Thanksgiving dinner with her back in 2006 when she couch surfed with a mutual friend we had in Panama. It was wild we met three years ago and finally met because we are both in Peace Corps. I really enjoyed their visit but unfortunately they were only here for a few hours and had to keep going on their way back.

I'm now sitting in a swanky hotel in Huehue receiving training on how to use the new GPS devices our planning office received. It's awesome, we have a shiny new toy, and I'm really looking forward to going out in our communities and making maps of the Muncipality. We just got our snacks, pastry and coffee, which should keep us going strong all morning long.

In the last month I had my mid service physical exam, and I came back healthy, if not with a couple cavities which I'll have to return to get fixed. I also tested negative for TB which has been making the rounds up here in Huehue lately. There was also a panel with the older volunteers and the trainees, soon to be volunteers. We shared our experiences and gave them some ideas of what to do in their first few months in site. I had a really good time with all the people who were in town, it was good to see old friends and meet new faces.

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