Saturday, July 11, 2009


Here's a picture of the radio station. That's my partner on the Public Info show.

So it's now July, a month before our one year anniversary of arriving in Guatemala.

I can not believe its been nearly a year. This time last year I was chasing kids around the day care and putting band aids on boo-boo's. I was serving ice cold, (most of the time) delicious brews at the coffee shop. Not both things at the same time of course.

Now I'm working in a small municipal office in the mountains of Guatemala and working with two radio shows which I enjoy immensely.

I'm preparing to go visit my family in Panama in about a month. It should be awesome.

I got a box from my dad the other day, packed with lots of beefy jerky and puerto rican treats.

Earlier this month I was at the Peace Corps center for some training and conferences, and then we had the 4th of July party which was in one word, Epic.

Now I am listening to some funk from my favorite radio station in San Antonio, KRTU. You can listen up on and by checking out the archive. I highly recommend the diggin deep soul shakedown and the super soul saturdays, both on saturday. I also LOVE labkids radio which is on sundays' at midnight. The great thing about the audio archive is that I don't have to try to find an internet connection when the shows are live, cause midnight on sundays, there isn't much inter-netting going on in Malacas.

So about the radio show, I do an hour of public information on wednesdays, where we talk about health topics, citizen participation, and general community announcements. As for the other show, I do two hours of strictly music on Saturday nights. I call it Musica del Mundo, and I always focus on a few different genres. I did a Salsa Merengue show, a Rock/Rock en Espanol show, HipHop/Reggaeton show and for mothers day, I dedicated the two hours to only female performers. I also did a Jazz Funk and Soul show, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to do another one cause they seemed to like that one.

If you got some good music and would like to share, please do share. You can email me for more info.

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