Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day in training

So I am writing from a tiny town in the mountains of Guatemala. We arrived yesterday and had about a half day of training, but most of us were so wiped out from the early wake up, 3am, that we went to sleep around 7pm. We were all separated into groups to stay with host families and I got to stay in a house with one other volunteer. We both share a room, but its pretty big. We get three meals a day, which have so far been all based around platano, beans, cheese and tortillas, though today we had chicken soup with rice and melon. we also get some maicena, cornmeal like drink most of the time, which is hot. its not too cold, about 70 during the day and a little cooler at night, but we do have a shower with hot water!!!!!! the house also has a microwave which was surprising. We deal mostly with the mom of the house, a nice lady who doesnt really talk to us much, but whenever we do talk she always laughs at us. the husband really doesnt talk, and so far he has said hola to us and not much else. there are too kids about 10 and 12, boy and girl but i avoid talking to them because i cant for the life of me remember their names even though they have repeated them many times. as for the peace corps thing, today we had a language test, which was a breeze for me, but they told me that i will definitely be learning a mayan dialect since i have advanced spanish skills. also we got some shots for certain nasty diseases. furthermore, they gave us our first batch of antimalaria pills which we are to take weekly. common side effects can include nausea, diarhhea and ¨lucid dreams.¨ can´t wait for tonight. I´ll write more as soon as possible but its getting dark and i dont want to get in trouble with my host family.